Instant Green Tea Mixed White Kidney Bean Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract (DONUTT BRAND)

          Anyone who likes to drink Green Tea and has a lifestyle that cares about their body shape, Donutt Brand recommends this product. There are main components, such as green coffee beans. and white kidney beans that helps metabolically-focused, inhibits the process of absorbing sugar, fat and accelerate the process of breaking down fat that accumulates in different parts of the body. Use sucralose as a sweetener instead of sugar and use non-dairy creamer made from coconut oil, which has 0% cholesterol in 1 sachet and provides 60 kilocalories of energy. You can see more nutritional information on the box.


Inulin 42.066 %
Non Dairy Creamer 40 %
Matcha Green Tea Powder 6.67 %
White Kidney Bean Extract 2.67 %
Opuntia Powder 0.13 %
Green Coffee Bean Extract Coffee Arabica 0.13 %
Emblica Extract  0.13 %
Sucralose 0.067 %



  1. Inulin :
    - It is a soluble dietary fiber that looks like a gel which makes you feel full.
    - It makes the body absorb less sugar and fat in the digestive system.
    - Reduce constipation with the properties of dietary fiber which will increase the weight of the stool, makes the stool moist. It also stimulates the peristalsis of the intestines. It makes it easier to excrete as well as reduce waste accumulation or carcinogenic toxins in the colon.
    - Enhance calcium absorption Reduce the risk of bone disease.
  2. Matcha Green Tea Powder :
    - 1 gram of matcha contains up to 150 milligrams of Catechin and has an ORAC value of up to 1,300 grams.
    - It is rich in vitamins A, C, and E that help slow down aging and make the eyes and skin bright.
    - Matcha is a powerful booster. Because it is a naturally rich source of caffeine, 1 teaspoon of matcha provides 60–70 mg of caffeine, equivalent to 1 shot of espresso.
    - Drinking matcha does not have the same side effects as drinking coffee. The reason is that matcha contains L-theanine, which helps offset the side effects of caffeine and gives the drinker a boost of energy instead of a temporary refreshment and also helps memory and improves concentration.
  3. White Kidney Bean Extract : In white kidney beans, there is an extract called Phaseolamin, which has important properties to inhibit the activity of enzymes Alpha – amylase acts in the degradation of starch into Oligosacckaride and Disaccharide.  When starch goes through these processes, it will go into the process of degradation until it becomes a single sugar molecule and is absorbed into the intestines. White kidney beans will help manage excess carbohydrates instead of being stored as fat. The excess will be excreted. It also helps make the excretory system better. Because white beans themselves contain a very high amount of dietary fiber.
  4. Opuntia Powder : Flavonoids have antioxidant activity. Polysaccharides have antiviral and immune-boosting effects. There is a special dietary fiber that helps reduce cholesterol. Reduce the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. It helps the digestive system prevent hemorrhoids.
  5. Green Coffee Bean Extract Coffee : Fresh green coffee bean extract has the function of weight loss and helps reduce fat that accumulates within the body. This type of extract is rich in an acid called chlorogenic and caffeine, which have the ability to help people lose weight and reduce fat accumulation within the body. It also enhances the efficiency of helping to inhibit and slow down the absorption of fat, as well as inhibiting the digestion and synthesis of sugar within the body.
  6. Emblica Extract : 1 pieces of Indian gooseberry provides 12 times more vitamin C than synthetic vitamin C. Boost immunity and inhibit inflammation.  ** 10 kg of fresh emblica = 1 kg of emblica extract ** which rich in many vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and can also inhibit the creation of melanin. Relieve cold symptoms, sore throat, relieve constipation, nourish skin and help slow down aging.
How Does White Kidney Bean Extract Work?
Can white kidney bean extract really help me lose weight?
The Secret of Matcha
How to consume
Dissolve 1 sachet of the product in a cup of hot water (volume 100 - 120 ml), stir until completely dissolved.
It has no effect on the prevention or treatment of disease.

Notice :
  1. Not recommended for use by children, pregnant or lactating women.
  2. It is advisable to look at the ingredients carefully before drinking the product.

Thai FDA No. : 11-1-11259-6-0009
Product appearance : Powder
Package Size : Pack size 10 sachets/box, 5 sachets/pouch
Product shelf life : 18 months after the manufacturing date
Storage : Store it at room temperature and in a dry place.

The production plant has been certified for quality assurance systems GHP and ISO 9001:2015 by SGS (Thailand) Co., Ltd. according to the certificate No. TH22/00000383 and Thailand Trust Mark or TTM, which guarantees safety with green industry standards by the value creation for International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand.
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